About us

We’re a collection of talent and dreamers that make really nice looking films and animations.

We don’t spend all our clients money on big offices and ponderous art (although we have a nice office and some of our own art…) so every penny of each budget goes on the screen.

Our clients and team are based all over the world with a digital post system that allows for a truly collaborative approach to our work.

We love a new brief to apply some creative lateral thinking and look forward to telling you all about us.

We live in some containers in Container City down on the river at Trinity Buoy Wharf. It’s a unique creative space with lots of like minded businesses and people.

We have a new 4K grading and edit suite on site but more importantly a 100mb/sec line to communicate with our team and clients all over the globe

Our films are a response to briefs from our client base. We prefer to work on developing the creative to the best it can possibly be but will work with as much or little as we are given.

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We have some great talent when it comes to film making; great DoP’s and visionary Directors, who work with nice big cameras, prime lenses and the like.

We also have some exceptional talent when it comes to animation and graphics, especially when we get to develop our own ideas.

Ideally, our work is a combination of all the above. Then it’s the most fun.

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